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Who doesn’t love a good Haunted House?

Well, maybe a lot of you! I for one love a good fright. Haunted houses? I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! But, of course, I’ve never seen one.

I love a good scary movie. Not Nightmare on Elm Street sort of stuff but good, make you jump, scary movies. I used to turn the lights off, make popcorn, sit down for a good scare with the kids. They’ve never really recovered and haven’t forgiven me to this day!  Oh well. Some of us are roller coaster sorts and some prefer the merry-go-round. I get it.

I sell houses for a living. I had a buyer once, who after moving in, was hearing noises at night. In the attic above her bedroom. After many weeks of it she was convinced the house was haunted. She called me and we got the home inspector back out!  I explained the situation and he was on the hunt to find out what was going bump in the night. We never did find a logical explanation… After that inspection though, there were no more noises. Spooky.

If you’re hearing strange noises you might want to read the article below. Interesting…    HAPPY HALLOWEEN

7 Creepy House Noises

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