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Traditions make a House a Home

Most families have their Thanksgiving traditions. Turkey the way grandma made. Or turkey Not the way grandma made!  Whatever it is that you do or make for dinner, it’s family, friends and traditions that make it so special.  It’s a time that memories are made.  A time we go home. Whether we actually go home or just recreate home where we are. Home really is where the heart is.

I don’t just sell houses. I understand that I sell homes. And homes are lives.  And lives are hearts. That’s why I love it!

I guess our family is no different. We have our annual Yam Jam. It takes place on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving Day. Family and friends are invited over for the fun. Price of admission? A dish that’s main ingredient is YAM!

Then let the competition begin! The yam dishes get better and crazier every year! And we are all hoping to win the coveted “Seif Family Yam Jam Winner” trophy.

Here’s how it works; you can prepare your dish ahead of time and bring it over. Cook it at our house or warm it up if needed.  Rules are loose in this regard, you just have to be ready for judging by 8pm!  Yes, the kitchen is a complete disaster but that’s part of the fun. (I think). Each dish is given a number and we all taste each others creations. Then we take our vote and any comments we may have about any of the yam dishes to my husband who is out of view in another room with the video camera. One by one, where no one can hear,  we approach the camera and share our vote-Survivor style. We lift the card and show the camera what number we voted for and say whatever we say!  No one knows what anyone said or who they voted for until the big reveal. In the family room, all of us around the TV. Hubby hooks up the video and we watch the whole thing on  the big screen together!  Lots of laughs and super fun!

We have had yam ice cream, spicy yam tacos, pies and cakes and cheesecakes. Yam-tini, yam beer. Yam gnoche. And many, many more amazing dishes.

It’s incredible how many things you can do with yam and a competitive spirit!  And friends and family that you adore. I encourage you to make some memories this year.

So in the spirit of home and holidays I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


If you love all things Thanksgiving and want to know all there is to know about the history of the holiday ( maybe a little Thanksgiving trivial pursuit game with the fam?) go to website below and check it out!

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