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A Top 10 List That Isn’t So Funny

We all know that Top 10 lists can be funny thanks to David Letterman. And I like “funny” as much as the next guy. Maybe more. But when it comes to selling your house, especially if it’s not selling, it’s not so funny.

Since I do like to laugh, and I like happy, smiling clients, here’s a little Real Estate humor…

Ten Commandments
A real-estate agent, had difficulty getting a listing from a customer whose theory was that “there is no substitute for experience.” After he asked her a third time how many years she had been in the business, she told him: “Sir, there is a little-known historical fact that Moses brought three tablets down from the mountain-two were the Ten Commandments and the other was my real-estate license!” She got the listing.

A little humor never hurts! And selling your house shouldn’t hurt either. That’s why who you choose to be your Realtor is so important. I agree with the customer above that “there is no substitute for experience” and experience takes time. I have found that most people want to be told the truth. They ask me what needs to be done in their home to make it more desirable. They want to know the reality of the market, not to get an inflated price from an agent who knows better. An agent who will say anything to get the listing then wears them down with price reductions.

Buying or selling can be one of the most stressful things people go through. But it doesn’t need to be! You need to choose a Realtor who understands your unique needs, someone you trust, someone with experience in your market and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. They say that the truth shall set you free. I say, the truth shall set you free…of your house…so you can move on!

The following list is truth. From the photos of your home marketed to the public (how about that live chicken in the living room picture, true story) to the curb appeal (my buyers will tell me to just move on when we pull up in front of a possibly great home that looks like #$*& in the front) take heed of this Top 10 List!

I get my sellers the most money possible for their house, my buyers the most house possible for their money, and have fun doing it!

So if you’re thinking about selling or buying give me a call because “In Real Estate, It’s Better To Be SEIF Than Sorry!”

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