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8 Ways To Pull Off An Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Green grass, blue skies, colorful eggs and blossoming flowers are a welcome reminder that Winter is gone and better days are here! Easter is a time to gather with family, friends and colleagues to celebrate the vibrant beginning of Spring. Whether you spend this time at church or at home, Easter day is not complete without an epic Easter egg hunt! Here are some creative ways to up your egg hunt game this year.

1. Color-Coded Eggs– Assign each child with their own special color to hunt for, this keeps the competitiveness to a minimum and amps up the fun!

2. Winning numbers– Fill eggs with a numbered piece of paper instead of a treat. The numbers will match with special prizes like a stuffed animal. The ones with a winning number can cash it in for their prize.

3. ABC Egg Hunt– Write letters A-Z on your eggs. Everyone must find all the letters of the alphabet with no duplicates. Add an ABC checklist to cross off each letter the kids find.

4. Math Games Egg Hunt– Incorporate math into the festivities. Place numbers inside each egg, along with candies or small toys. At the end, the kids can add up their numbers and the three highest numbers win a prize. For older egg hunters, create a story problem. For example, “Choose 2 eggs. Add the 2 together. Choose another egg. Subtract that number…” etc.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Hunt– Host your Easter egg hunt at night time with glow in the dark eggs. (Plastic eggs with small glow sticks inside) Give every person a flashlight and get to hunting!

6. Keep or Trade?– After the hunt, give everyone the option to choose a random egg in their basket. They can open their egg & see what is inside. You will have a basket that contains eggs full of money, toys, coupons, a gag gift, or nothing at all. Each person has the option of keeping the egg in their hand or trading it. They must choose your basket egg blindly and they have to keep what they’ve chosen.

7. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt– Provide a checklist of things to put in their basket during the hunt. Examples: A dandelion, three green eggs, a red egg, etc. Prizes can be awarded to the 3 to complete it or to everyone that completed it.

8. Reverse Easter Egg Hunt– Egg hunts don’t have to be just for the kids. Give the kids a chance to hide the eggs. They’ll love trying to stump the adults!

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